We Have to Stop Them

On October 3, Fayetteville, NC will host a 5k walk to raise funds for Stop Child Trafficking Now. It is one of 39 cities that will host walks that weekend.

Stop Child Trafficking Now is an organization dedicated to stopping child trafficking in a way different than most agencies. Rather than try to rescue children or remove the pimps who are the source of supply, Stop Child Trafficking Now (SCTNow.org) believes that targeting the predators and pedophiles that are the demand for these services is a more effective way.


SCTNow.org funds teams of former elite soldiers, state and federal law enforcement professionals and intelligence operatives to identify and target predators of children. These teams operate anonomously, and build packages against predators that can be turned over to authorities for prosecution.

These teams have training that local authorities will never be able to obtain, and they have the ability to focus on the predators. They are not stymied by corrupt authorities or politicians or distracted by never-ending workloads. They also have the skills required to operative secretly in countries world-wide.

You can help. If there is a walk in your community, sign up and participate. If there is not a walk near you, or you can’t participate, you can contribute to any of those who are signed up. If you can’t locate anyone near you, join my team or contribute here.  These funds will go a long way toward hunting down the predators and stopping them.

Posted via email from JuliGrace