The Answered Prayers of Children

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I have a story to share with you. On Monday, I posted this Facebook status:

FB snip from Julissa Jumper

Here’s the story behind it, as I posted on another blog.

How often do we ask God for something, not really expecting it? Don’t we so often encourage people to pray, or tell someone “I’ll pray for you,” but we really only mean it as a form of comfort, a way to show we care?

picture of praying handsI have clients who are selling their home, and hope to buy a new one in a nearby neighborhood where they will be joining the staff of a local church. I have their home listed for sale, and they are anxious to get it sold because they are excited to begin their new life.

Yesterday morning, my client called me and said, “Julissa, you’re going to sell our house today.”

“I am?” I asked. “What’s going on?”

She shared with me what happened that morning at their table. Her pastor had been teaching lately that one should be very specific when praying. Don’t just offer a general prayer of hope, ask God for what you want or need and be specific about it. She was teaching that to her children, and they asked her, “So, Mommy, can we ask God to sell our house today?”

She told them that would be a great prayer, and so she and her children prayed together and asked God to sell their house that day.

Two and a half hours later, she received a call from the showing service notifying her of a showing on her house. That’s when she called me bubbling over with excitement, and telling me we were going to sell the house.

So, we laughed about it and got pretty excited about it, and my husband and I added our prayers to hers and her children’s and asked God to sell the house.

The showing went as scheduled, and last night when my husband and I were sitting in the living room, I got this showing feedback from the scheduling agent:

Snip of showing feedback

I read it to my husband and this is what he said. “Baby, you know, I am just always so grateful that God lets me be nearby when He does awesome things.

I am, too. And, God willing, I’ll post today about a house I have under contract!