Selling Your Home in Camden Woods

Camden Woods is a desirable neighborhood–established landscaping, larger modern homes and the highest-rated school district in Cumberland County.

These features are highly sought after by buyers.

A home in this neighborhood should sell if priced properly and marketed professionally.

Our sellers, Sean and Michelle Cooney, at 4115 Fallberry Dr can vouch for that. Here’s what Mr. Cooney had to say:

“The best experience I have ever had with a Realtor®! Julissa and the Jumper Team has my strongest and most enthusiastic recommendation. I had no idea what a difference a good Realtor® makes until I finally found, not just a good Realtor®, but an absolutely terrific Realtor®. After 4 months with my house listed on the market with one of the “big name chain franchise Realtors®” – I had less than a handful of showings – and no offers – I fired their worthless services and was fortunate enough to have Julissa recommended to me by a neighbor whose house she just sold. Julissa came in – made some recommendations, helped with paint and staging, and my house was sold in less than a week. Truly amazing!!! Dedicated, professional, intelligent and the best Realtor® you will ever work with!!!!  Thank you!”

In today’s sluggish market, our sellers depend more heavily on our marketing expertise and solid advice to help them sell their home in less time, for the most money with minimal stress. The Cooneys called on us after their home had sat on  the market for 4 months. They had already relocated and were burdened with the weight of the mortgage of their home here in Fayetteville and their home at their new location.

Frustrated and feeling hopeless, they contacted us. They had been referred by other happy sellers whose house we sold in Camden Woods.

Immediately we worked to reposition and reintroduce their home to the market. We filled a void they’d been experiencing with lack of guidance on what could propel their home to the top of the list of buyers looking in their price range.

After sitting on the market for 4 months with no buyer interest and following our recommendations, our sellers received a full price offer within 3 days of us listing the house!

Our efforts helped the Cooneys sell for over $19,000 above the Zillow Zestimate and 11% higher than the average market value for the neighborhood.

Eye-catching, targeted and trackable marketing along with professional photography makes the difference every time. Our award-winning photographer has the experience necessary to highlight our listings in the best possible manner.

Once we have professional photography, it’d be a shame not to get the home in front of as many buyer eyeballs as possible. We employ highly targeted and paid social media marketing to identify buyers and showcase our sellers’ homes to them.

We study the habits of buyers and how they change over time. We know that after searching properties online, 76% of home buyers drove by or viewed the home. That means professional photos and a great write up of the house are the leading factors in peaking a buyer’s interest enough to go do a drive-by of the home.

Here’s a side-by-side example of how a listing’s online presence can either excite a buyer to schedule an in-person viewing or just scroll past a listing on the screen. These are the original listing photographs for Mr. Cooney’s home on the left as they were seen in the Multiple Listing Service and every online portal and our photographs on the right when we took over the listing.

The difference is even more dramatic when the house is viewed on other real estate sites. Look at this example from Zillow of the difference photographs can make.

We know that in 2001 only 8% of buyers found the home they ultimately purchased on the internet. Today, that number is at about 50%, which is why we take a very aggressive online marketing approach.

We have written a guide that outlines how we sell homes in less time, for the most money with minimal stress. It details exactly our proven-approach to selling homes which yields our sellers excellent results. Excellent results translate to a quicker sale, higher net proceeds and the confidence that their home sale is being handled by competent professionals so they can focus on their relocation and settling their families in their location.

For a copy of the free seller guide, please fill out this form and we’ll send you a copy.

If after reading it you have any questions, we’d be happy to speak with you. Or email. Or text. Or Skype! Whatever your preferred mode of communication may be. We do it all!