Paying it Back (Thanks, Mike Mueller;!)

You know that tired, old excuse, “I was too busy…, …too much to do, …life happens.” It’s just that, an excuse, and unless we choose to act, it very often gets the better of us.   So, I was reminded this morning that I owe a debt to some people who have been great resources for me, and I determined to not let another day go by without saying “thanks.”There are lots of different ways to show on-line appreciation, “friend”, “follow”, “RT”, “link love”, etc. But I think that every once in a while, it’s best to showcase someone who you know is doing good work. Google-juice is great, but who doesn’t like to see their name in the paper!

Cup of CoffeeSo, here’s a Tuesday cup of joe and some mega-props to Mike Mueller and the Mueller Map mashup.

I first stumbled across Mike when he was doing mortgage stuff and when he won the My Tech Opinon Video Blog Contest.  I already followed him on Twitter and enjoyed his ideas for using video in creative ways.

Then one day he announced a contest on his own website to win a Mueller Map.


When I checked it out, I knew I wanted one–even if I had to buy it (cheap at twice the price!)  His mashup was just what my husband and I had been planning for my website.  We’d seen on-line tutorials for building one, but being owners of 2 businesses, pretty basic hackers, and eight months pregnant, we knew we just wouldn’t get it done.  So, I entered Mike’s contest, and based on my raw talent and intelligence (I clicked the “Friend Me” button on his Facebook page) I won!  Mike created a Mueller Map for me, sent it to me, and waited patiently until I delivered my baby and finally made the time to add it to my website.

I love it!  Oh, I know I have so much more to do to get it right, but for a broker who is trying to transition from a template site to one that reflects me and who is intent on adding relevant content to my site, this map is ideal.  The finished product will be substantial–a map for my listings, a map to showcase neighborhoods, a map to highlight significant community features.  There’s no end of good ideas and ways to use this mashup!

So, thanks, Mike for a little piece of code that makes a real, practical difference to me as a real estate broker selling houses in Fayetteville, NC.  Now, I just have to find the time to get all those videos done!

P.S.  And, Speaking of My Tech OpinionThis site was the first one I added to my RSS reader.  I found that, more than almost any other site about real estate marketing, this one had usable, practical information that applied directly to me as an individual broker trying to build a business.  Lots of tips on using video, social media and my blog to market effectively without resorting to traditional pay-per-click or in our face marketing.  It also doesn’t hurt that Reggie and Nicole Nicolay write very well–their content is always engaging.  Lastly, I really appreciate that they avoid the hyperbole that many bloggers resort to when they’re writing about a product or service.  It’s nice to get the straight scoop, not ad copy.  So, thank to you, too, My Tech Opinion, for helping me figure it all out.