Marketing My Listings – People ARE Watching!

A week or so ago, I listed a home for sale that is located in the Haymount neighborhood, in the Terry Sanford School District.  As usual, my team did a wonderful job of photographing and creating a video to market the home. It’s a great home, at a great price, in a much-desired area of town.

Last night, when I was checking my email, I found this from a internet viewer who saw this Featured Home™ on®:

Screenshot of email
Email Snip

Now, we all like to get confirmation that we’re doing a good job now and then, especially from someone who has no real reason to comment except that they are impressed.

But, in light of the fact that I’ve recently upgraded my photography and video capabilities, using better equipment and applying some of the techniques I’ve read about on Active Rain and other real estate websites that discuss how to photograph a home for the greatest impact, this comment carries weight with me, confirming that the extra effort we put into marketing a home really does make a difference with the viewing public. More importantly, it really DOES separate our listings from the others!

No amount of photography or write-up can convince a buyer to consider a home that is not well-maintained and is over-priced.

A home that is marketed effectively, on the other hand, is just what is needed to attract buyers to consider a home in today’s market, one where the competition among homes is steep.