Jake and Angie Mong

[singlepic=53,320,240,,right]” In the past we have experimented with For Sale By Owner & have had good results but with the demands of my job & our two small children, my wife and I decided we would not have the time to put in the effort to ensure we conducted the sale properly. We resolved to find a Realtor, but we wanted to be selective and find someone who would be aggressive not just about listing our home but marketing it to ensure that we got the maximum amount in the minimum amount of time.

We selected Julissa and were impressed from the very start. Julissa presented herself as a real estate professional who was uniquely prepared for the Fort Bragg/Fayetteville area. Her experience in the military and in the civilian world has groomed her well for the demands of the fast paced moves seen by military personnel. She boasted of not having a house on the market for more than 17 days in 4 years in business and that was what we were looking for. She marketed our house aggressively and passionately to the public and was personally concerned with every aspect of the transaction. As a result, our home was listed as soon as possible and just 6 DAYS later it was under contract!!! We have lived in areas that were hot real estate markets before but this kind of response was incredible.

After the home was under contract Julissa continued to support our family to the closing date. She took care of all the details and made every aspect of this move easier on my wife and me. I wholeheartedly recommend Julissa to any homeowner who is serious about selling their home and has little time to do it. Julissa Jumper gets results.”