How To Get Started in Twitter – A 4 Part Video Tutorial

So many of my friends and clients have seen my updates on Facebook and Twitter and asked, “What is a tweep,” or, “What is a “tweet?” “What is a tweeple?” So, we’ve created a series of video tutorials in which we discuss Twitter, explain how it works, demonstrate how to sign up for a free Twitter account, and show how to find and follow people.

These tutorials are a mixture of video clips and screencasts.  You may have to view the screencasts using the full-screen mode to be able to see details.  We apologize; however, to not have compressed them would have made them too heavy to download.

An Introduction and Invitation to Join Us in Twitter

In this video introduction, Dana discusses why we use Twitter and explains the following 3 screencasts:


What Twitter is About and How to Navigate Thru It

In this screencast, Dana shows the Twitter interface and what different menu items are. You should view this tutorial in the full-screen mode:


How to Sign Up For Your Free Twitter Account

In this screencast, Dana walks you through creating your own Twitter account. This tutorial is best viewed in the full-screen mode:


How to Find and Follow People in Twitter

In this final screencast, you will learn how to find people by their location or by interests using Julissa’s Twitter profile and Twitter search. Best viewed in full-screen mode: