FINE! I’ll Do Video If I Have To!

For months, my husband who is my marketing guy has been badgering me about taking the time to do some videos that he can post on my website. I’m always “just too busy” to do it.

I’m sure he knows the deal. He knows how I cringe and literally have to leave the room when I hear or see myself on video. Very strange for someone who in my very much younger years not only did not mind but enjoyed walking down a runway in a bikini knowing the audience’s eyes were focused on me.

Well, I’m much more “mature” now and not as confident as I once was.

However, all I have read and seen clearly and unequivocally points to video being what I need to be doing. I am considered a personable person by most people who know and interact with me and I guess that can come across a lot clearer on video than through a written message.

Video is more illustrative than any written marketing message, no matter how expertly wordsmithed.

Google indexes video resulting in “google juice” which is a GOOD thing! And wouldn’t it be even greater if I combined the SEO power of AR WITH the power of video by embedding video in my posts???

I know all this! Well, then why can’t I just get out of my own way and do it!

Well, I did. I spent an hour yesterday working to produce an under one minute video for the registration page on my website. I shot it over 30 times! I just can’t perform in front of the camera. I finally got the wording right and decided to go with it. I didn’t even review it. I just handed it to my husband.

I am going to give the consumer what they want! I am going to do more videos.  I remember when my sisters used to complain about having to eat something on their dinner plate that they didn’t want to eat my father used to tell them, “Eat it this time and I promise, if it kills you I’ll never make you eat it again.”

So I’m going to do video and if it kills me, I’ll just stop doing them!