Colonel and Mrs. Thomas

“Dear Julissa,
How can I thank you for all of your hard work in selling our house so quickly!!? From the moment you came on board, and even before, you really lessened the burden of stress from my shoulders. And believe me, this is a much bigger statement then I can ever adequately thank you for, or even explain.


As you know, I was nearing the end of the seventh month with my first pregnancy when I found out my husband and I were going to be transferred by the military in about 2 months.  The transfer date was days from my due date!!

We hired a realtor to sell our house. We received bad advice from this person about setting the selling price of our house and this was only the start of some of the things that went wrong. For over 1 1/2 months we never had one offer, although I have heard very recently that at least one serious offer to negotiate a price was made but not brought to our attention. Our house never sold and the stress was really building up. I needed to start packing for the move!!

One good thing was done, however. You were brought in to do a virtual tour of our home and from our very first meeting I liked you. You made me feel so much better about the prospect of selling the house. You were sincere about your love of our old home and its unique architecture and grounds, and it showed in the absolutely incredible virtual tour!   I was very impressed with your “go-getter” attitude.  I felt this was one of the factors lacking in getting the home sold.  It was exposure.  I had brought this up on numerous occasions, as well as the price of the home, as factors of its not selling but our Realtor kept reassuring us that it would sell.  Believe me, I was relieved that even though you were not hired directly by us you were helping anyway. I knew from this moment I needed to do anything to make you OUR Realtor. And at this point my stress just lessened.

We had a meeting and priced the home properly with your expert analysis. You had a reintroduction celebration to bring the home back to the forefront of attention in our community, and it worked!!  Two days later the house was under contract!!

I can never tell you how much stress you took off my shoulders.  I learned a valuable lesson about choosing the right Realtor from the beginning!  Selling a home should not have to be stressful on the homeowners. You taught me this and I will always be grateful!  Every time we buy or sell a house in the future you will be in my thoughts and prayers for helping at such an extremely valuable time!

I told you before and I will tell you again, you have a real gift with virtual tours and now I will add home sales!  I also want to thank you for the wonderful pen and ink drawing of my house that you had made for me.  How sweet and thoughtful.  This is just like you.

Sincerest Thanks,

PS: my son thanks you also.

Colonel and Mrs. Robert Thomas