Contract Pending – Selling Our Clients’ Home and Their Church Plant

Fayetteville NC Homes for Sale This is one of my favorite things to see–a Contract Pending rider on one of our signs! In this case, I’m even more pleased. The sellers of this home are dear friends of ours (nothing like putting extra pressure on us to get a home sold!) who are leaving Fayetteville […]

A Video Referral – New American Mortgage in Fayetteville, NC

It’s so true that we real estate brokers can only do our job and take care of our clients if the people who we rely on for support also do their jobs well.  They are very much a part of our team, and they can make us look very good or look very bad. I […]

Old and New Friends – My Christmas Cards and Connecting

One of the best parts of helping people buy and sell houses in Fayetteville, NC is that I have made so many new friends as a result of my business! I’ll confess that by nature, I’m a pretty shy person. That creates a problem because I’m also very social–I love to be with my friends. […]

One of My Preferred Lenders – New American Mortgage in Fayetteville, NC

If you are looking to buy a home or re-finance your current home, I can refer several of our preferred mortgage lenders to you. New American Mortgage has become one of my mortgage lenders of choice in Fayetteville, NC. I use them for my clients and recommend them first to anyone who asks me for […]

The “Best Clients” – The Gift That Keeps on Giving

There are those small, precious moments that are just priceless. Well, it would be easy to put a value on them, but that’s not really what it is all about, anyway. We have what we affectionately refer to as “melt-down” hour in our house. That’s the time of evening when everything is happening at once–dinner […]

Ms. Roberta Kutsch

[singlepic=54,320,240,,left]”…During the process of selecting the home, negotiating the purchase, and completing the many details of the transaction, you were always very professional in your advice and efficient in your follow up. This particular transaction was a challenge. I am an out of state buyer and had to rely on your knowledge and integrity to […]

Rebecca Russell

[singlepic=55,320,240,,right]I’ve already given your number to 3 people so far! Your concern with making sure I felt comfortable with everything was wonderful and probably not something that most Realtors care about. Inviting me to your church was very welcoming and comforting. Thank you for being so willing to answer my questions and to explain everything […]

Jake and Angie Mong

[singlepic=53,320,240,,right]” In the past we have experimented with For Sale By Owner & have had good results but with the demands of my job & our two small children, my wife and I decided we would not have the time to put in the effort to ensure we conducted the sale properly. We resolved to […]