Buyer or Sellers Market? Absorption Rates for October 2008

There’s nothing so exciting as watching the latest figures on how quickly homes are selling in Fayetteville!  Okay, almost everything is more exciting, but the latest absorption rate figures are available, and they paint a picture of a market that continues to slow. In my page about Fayetteville Real Estate Market Information, I explain that […]

Jake and Angie Mong

[singlepic=53,320,240,,right]” In the past we have experimented with For Sale By Owner & have had good results but with the demands of my job & our two small children, my wife and I decided we would not have the time to put in the effort to ensure we conducted the sale properly. We resolved to […]

Hugh and Eileen Sale

“Dear Julissa,[singlepic=45,320,240,,right] Hugh and I want to thank you so very much for selling our respective houses. Of course, mine was the headache…at least for us. We couldn’t figure out why my beautiful house wasn’t selling and Hugh was determined that we needed to have YOU become our agent after the great job you did […]