Selling a Home in Fayetteville, NC – Still a Mixed Market

We’ve reached the end of the 1st Quarter for 2011, and the Fayetteville, NC real estate market data is in. No surprise, it’s still a mixed market. Mixed in this regard–yes, home sales are up year-over-year, but the growth and strength in the market is in newly constructed home sales. Take a look at these […]

Gorgeous 3 Bedroom/2.5 Bath Home for Sale – Close to Fort Bragg and Shopping

3 Bedroom Home for Sale Close to Fort Bragg This is the newest home I have listed for sale in Fayetteville, NC. It is a very well maintained 3 bedroom/2.5 bath home on a pretty lot. Located in The Lakes, a quiet neighborhood off Morganton Road, this home is only minutes to the mall area, […]

Fayetteville, NC Real Estate Market Report – JAN 2011

The story of the Fayetteville, NC real estate market last year (2010) is a mixed one. It was one of the worst years for the sale of existing homes in Fayetteville, NC in the last decade, but sales of new construction homes were relatively strong. Overall, the market was 31% off its high of 2006. […]

Will Housing Come Back? Why Some Can’t See The Forest for the Trees

There is so much speculation lately about our economy, the recession and the housing market. Some real estate agents and many of the pundits have a gloomy outlook. It’s sometimes hard not to be pessimistic; a few years of soft markets and declining property values will do that to you! Especially when the media piles […]

Fayetteville NC Real Estate Market Report – August 2010

The Fayetteville NC real estate market continues to be stable, both in existing home sales and newly constructed home sales.  Sales are down from last year and from the height of the market in 2006 in both categories. Still, homes continue to sell and the market is anticipating growth in the year ahead, mostly due […]

You Have to Move Quickly to Get the Home You Want, in the Neighborhood You Want, Even in This Market

Buying the right home in the Terry Sanford School District, or in the case of my clients, the Alma Easom Elementary School area means you have to move quickly. Terry Sanford is one of the most desired school districts in Fayetteville, NC and houses for sale in Terry Sanford can sell even before they hit […]

Steady, Steady… A Market Update

Absorption Rates for November 2008 [singlepic=190,320,240,,right]Good news, Fayetteville home sellers and buyers, the latest numbers for home sales over the last 12 months are available from the Fayetteville Regional Association of Realtors® and they paint a picture of a market that appears to be steady, and performing at a seemingly constant absorption rate.  That’s great […]

From Tweet to Tweetup – Making the Connection

There are times in our lives when personal and professional circumstances conspire, and we either master those circumstances or they master us!  You wouldn’t think real estate marketing would be that important, would you?  Over the past 2 years or so, I’ve had a newborn baby girl with another on the way, my top-notch buyer’s […]

Buyer or Sellers Market? Absorption Rates for October 2008

There’s nothing so exciting as watching the latest figures on how quickly homes are selling in Fayetteville!  Okay, almost everything is more exciting, but the latest absorption rate figures are available, and they paint a picture of a market that continues to slow. In my page about Fayetteville Real Estate Market Information, I explain that […]