6 Steps to Selling Your House

When it comes time to sell your home, don’t let the stress become a challenge for you. Take a look at these 6 steps to selling your home and get ready to move on to your next adventure. Being prepared is half the battle and knowledge is definitely power.

House for Sale Sign 21. Hiring the right real estate agent is key to a successful sell. A real estate agent is a trained professional who has the expert knowledge and experience needed to guide you through the home selling process. They make sure your home is marketing properly, work on your behalf during negotiations, and work through the mounds of paperwork so you don’t have to take the time out of your busy schedule. You may think you can just toss a for sale sign in the front yard and sell your house without the help of an agent, but you may end up losing money because you lacked important facts needed during the transaction.

2. You’ll want to price your house aggressively to ensure that you sell it as quickly as possible with as little negotiation as possible. Your real estate agent with provide you with a CMA that will give you a good idea of the value of your house. Since home values are impacted by the market trends, the value of homes are not fixed. Setting the asking price too high can cause your house to sit on the market longer than necessary. Setting the asking price too low can cause you to lose money. Carefully consider your options, factor in the home value estimation, and trust the advice of your real estate agent.

3. Take a good look around your house and property. If you find something broken, have it repaired. The property will undergo several inspections and an appraisal. Broken systems, a leaky roof, or faulty appliances can cost you a sale and prove to be embarrassing. Prepare ahead and make sure things are in top shape to keep yourself from running into problems as the home selling process proceeds.

4. Staging your house is an important step because it makes things appealing to potential home buyers. Staging begins with curb appeal. Your lawn should be well manicured. Your property should be free of debris, excessive decorations, and toys. Box up the pink flamingos and place outdoor furniture into conversational areas. You may want to have your house power washed. Consider a fresh coat of paint if things look worn.

When staging the inside of the house, start with a deep cleaning. Clean the top of shelves, under cabinets, and where appliances meet counters. Floors should be clean and without stains. You don’t want a buyer requesting a replacement on these things that will cut into your bottom dollar. Remove personal items, collections, and anything controversial. You want potential buyers to see themselves living in the space. Clean out the closets and look at everything with a critical eye. Pay close attention to the kitchen.

House for Sale Sign5. During the times when your house is being shown to potential home buyers, plan to leave the house and let the real estate agents handle the showing. While you may think it would be helpful to be there to answer any questions, it can make potential buyer feel uncomfortable. If you have pets, plan to take them with you or have them in a safe location. Some people may have allergies, and it’s just safer all the way around to have your pets enjoying their time elsewhere.

6. Once your house is seen by potential buyers, expect offers to come in that may be below the asking price. Listen to the advice given by your real estate agent and choose whether you want to accept their offer or wait for another. Keep in mind that several offers could come in at the same time. In this case, your real estate agent will be able to represent you and negotiate on your behalf to select the right offer that’s placed on the table.

Don’t let selling your house become a stressful experience. Hire the right real estate agent, price your house correctly, and take care to make your home look its best for potential home buyers. Trust your real estate agent to represent you during showings and negotiations. Once your house sells, be sure to let others know about the positive experience you’ve had with your real estate agent.

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